Is Your Business S.I.C.²

Is Your Business S.I.C.²


Let me paint the picture of the times I had in the past when I would get this queasy feeling at the end of my work day and possibly the end of the week!  The feeling of, what did I get done today, why are my numbers down, why can I get the phone to ring, where is my next deal going to come from?  We can get so caught up in being so busy during our day to come to find out it was not productive busy! Just Busy!!  I was tired of the feeling of always being behind and disorganized, so here is what I did to correct that issue and now it is becoming one of my strengths. I became S.I.C.²

S. = Schedule

I. = Implement

C. = Commit / Consistency

I started focusing my business on Dollar Productive Time (D.P.T), which meant that I had to schedule my time for my business activities, made sure that I Implement the process and most of all, commit and stay consistent to my business activities. Here are a few ideas  that you can apply S.I.C.²


Schedule it!:   Get your calendar in order both Personally and business

Schedule the time to sit down and exclusively lead generate.  This has to be a high priority in your business, in fact in should be number #1 activity during your work schedule. The agents and loan officers that are most successful in the real estate business are the ones that, schedule, implement and commit to lead generation for 2+ hours a day.  Nothing will get in their way to reschedule or blow off that appointment.


Implement it!:   I have seen this and heard this way too many times over my career from loan officers and agents “I have great marketing ideas but just don’t have the time to put it together!” I was always wondered to myself if they are such great ideas that are going to generate leads, then why you would not apply S.I.C.² .  Schedule time to create, implement the marketing piece, and commit to delivering it to the market place, and most of all stay consistent.  Don’t give up on the plan! Marketing takes time and I have seen loan officers and agents give up because they do not see the immediate results and the return on investment.   In fact, they were just on the cusp of return on investment when they stopped the marketing campaign!  Marketing strategies takes patient’s and persistent.  Don’t give up!


Commit To It!:   For me this is one of my top 5 Dollar Productive Time activities for my week.  Life can get very busy and in the midst of trying to create and generate new business, we tend to forget about ourselves!  Personal development is very important to the growth of your business and it only takes a few hours out of your week.   If you are not growing personally then your business is not growing as well. It’s amazing by just sitting down and reading a business/sales book, taking time to research the market, setting goals, etc….  you can create new ideas and opportunities for your business, plus it’s motivating as well!


Stay Consistent with it!: Easier said than done!  This is by far the most difficult out of the equation.  We can get caught up in many different distractions though out the day like a file blowing up, the impromptu meeting, email, etc…For most sales people we have a tendency to veer of course.  This is why it’s so important to practice consistency.  It takes time to build a habit, but once you master consistency you will see the peaks and valleys of your business start to be more flat which, by the way, will create more business and less stress.
Mike Elwell Team Member – Ancona Title & Escrow
Mike Elwell

Mike Elwell


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