Maximize Your Database to Create Daily Lead Generation Activities!

Maximize Your Database to Create Daily Lead Generation Activities!

If you struggle with building, maintaining or marketing to your database like I have done in the past, then I have a few quick tips to get you started in the right direction. One thing that really helped me out is knowing where my contacts are in the sales process. What this will do is set up your daily lead generation activities. How do we do that? Categorize and qualify your database.

See, in our industry, it is common for people to fish, catch, close, and release the current client back to the pond for another realtor or loan officer to work with in the future. The goal is to set up your database so that the very people that you have worked with in the past, or new clients in the future, will know who you are, what you do and the value you bring to the relationship. Contestant contact with your database will allow you to work by referral as well as make you memorable, not forgettable!

Here are a few ideas of categorization that you can implement right away to move your clients through the sales process.   In fact, you may have a V8 moment. “Wow, I could have followed up with that client” (some of you may want to YouTube that)

Contacts This is your general database. All people you come in contact with will be listed as a contact. The goal is to move them through the stages of qualification.

Leads & ReferralsThis is the first stage of qualification. A lead or referral is someone that you had a conversation with about real estate or financing. This is the initial process. They may be looking for a home or a mortgage but they need to gather more information to start the process. Also, a lead or referral can be someone that is a referral source only. They to need to be qualified and moved through the stages as well.

OpportunitiesAn opportunity is someone that has decided to move forward with the buying or financing process. In this stage, it is important that you coach them into referring you in the future. This is the stage where they get to know who you are, what you do, and the value you can bring to the transaction as well as the relationship. Opportunities can be defined based on your business. An opportunitycould also be someone who has referred you.

Won Opportunities A won opportunity is a client that you have closed and done business with. You won the transaction. More importantly, a won opportunitycould be someone that has referred you multiple times without doing a transaction with you. For example, a realtor, loan officer, business to business etc. This is the Quality over Quantity Principal. These are advocates of your business and will refer you in the future. This stage allows you to turn your database into a referral based business.

Again, by going in and categorizing your database, it will help you create your daily lead generation activities. For example, 10 calls to leads on Monday, 10 calls to won- opportunities on Tuesday, 10 calls to opportunities on Friday, and so on.  It will keep you organized, focused and in control of your database. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

For more information about how to maximize your database, join us for our next “Turning Your Database Into Diamonds” Heat, Pressure & Time. Check out our calendar at for future dates and times.

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