We Take the Variable of Title out of Your Real Estate Transaction!

We Take the Variable of Title out of Your Real Estate Transaction!

Right now with the current market and new legislative changes (TILA RESPA Integrated Disclosures) it’s important to have patience, persistence and communication. As I made my follow up calls to check in with our customers to see how we are doing, a loan officer responded to me saying, “Ancona Title & Escrow takes the variable of title out of my transaction” I asked her to elaborate more on what she meant by that and she responded with “I never have to worry about a title commitment holding up my ability to process my loan.” “When I order title I usually receive it within a day or so.”  “Your company and staff are easily accessible (No Voicemail) and the way your company is structured allows me to accomplish the things I need to do in an efficient time frame pertaining to my transaction and the new TRID rule.

Again, with new changes in our industry, we at Ancona Title & Escrow provide a high level of service, communication, rapid response, and a sense of urgency to meet the required time frames throughout the transaction.  We understand the responsibility that our customers have to their transaction and the importance of getting it right.  Here is just a reminder of the services we provide.

  • No Voice Mail! -During business hours. 
  • A direct connect to our internal closers and staff!
  • Fast Turn Times on Title Commitments- Quick and efficient- Many times receipt of title commitments same day!
  • Our team works around your closing schedule! Flexible and convenient.
  • Our technology.
  • Average recording times – 1.5 business days
  • Team oriented
  • Our unique structure.
  • Education & training seminars- helping our customers grow and develop their business.

As an industry we are adapting to new changes. The last thing you need to worry about is having your timelines delayed and not getting to closing table on time.  Again, that’s why we take the variable of title out of your transaction.

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